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Find out all about our Website Design Services.

Website Design

The website design process.

In this section we will provide a simple outline of the steps required in the creation of your website.

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Content Management

Outlining our Content Management options.

We provide various options from full Content Management Systems (CMS), provided via our own Jubilee CMS product, or simple solutions for latest news updating, events calendars, simple page editing, embedded twitter feeds and blog feeds - all to keep your website looking fresh and maintained.

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Promotion and Marketing

Often overlooked by many site owners....

We believe the promotion and marketing of your website is an integral part of its success. As part of every site we design, we will provide basic site submission and promotion services. Addidional work to promote and market your website may be purchased as required.

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Social media

Using social media to promote your services or products.

We believe that social media has never had such an impact on driving business to you. If you are running a business full time, you may feel that there isn't the time to run a successful social media campaign. That's why we will run one for you.

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Access to your email wherever you are.

Our email services are created to enable you to have instant access to your email on your own PC or Mac, from any PC or Mac anywhere in the world, or on your mobile phone. With loads of storage and free software, what more could you want?

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HTML Mailshots

Sending your professional HTML Mailshots.

Our HTML Mailshot service is fully tested across multiple browsers and mobile devices. You simply provide us with the text and images, and we do the rest. Simple.

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