Based in Dorset, we offer a friendly website design service from a simple site to a fully content managed system.  We specialise in promoting & marketing websites, and helping with your Social Media campaigns. We also offer a great logo creation service!

Promoting & Marketing (SEO)

Destroying the myths - SEO

We believe the promotion and marketing of your website is an integral part of its success. As part of every site we design, we will provide basic site submission and promotion services. Addidional work to promote and market your website may be purchased as required.

Have you ever been contacted by a company or individual promising to get your website on the first page on Google? The vast majority of these are simply offering to run a Google Adwords campaign for you, will charge you a lot to do it, and most likely not set it up correctly, so it ends up costing you far more than it needs to.

Although we will happily set up an Adwords campaign for you, our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work takes a different form.

Our SEO work

We work to get your site as high as possible on the main google search results page, NOT the sponsored adverts. Our basic submission to Google service is included in the cost of the website, but we do offer further promotional packages you may wish to adopt, particularly if your line of work has a lot of competition on the internet.

We will work hard on your behalf to promote your website and services in as many places on the internet as appropriate, whether it be simple submissions to search directories, or full profile pages with images and links through to products on your website. This may also include adding reciprocal links back to some sites as required. Our ongoing commitment to this work means that your site will start to achieve a higher and higher page ranking in Google for your key search phrases.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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