Based in Dorset, we offer a friendly website design service from a simple site to a fully content managed system.  We specialise in promoting & marketing websites, and helping with your Social Media campaigns. We also offer a great logo creation service!

Updating Your Website

We provide various options from full Content Management Systems (CMS), provided via our own Jubilee CMS product, or simple solutions for latest news updating, events calendars, simple page editing, embedded twitter feeds and blog feeds - all to keep your website looking fresh and maintained.

We offer three content management options:

Other than updating your social media feed or 'Latest News', are there really many changes to your website content?

We always encourage our customers to think about how often their website content will change. If it is infrequent, by far the most cost effective method is to use us to make your website changes. We will send you a monthly invoice for any work carried out for that month. We will normally respond within 24 hours, but you may flag any immediate items as urgent at no extra cost.

For many of our customers, this is the most cost effective and easiest option.

Our full Content Management System - JubileeCMS

JubileeCMS has been designed around a strongly supported Open Source Package. It enables clients to have full control over all major aspects of the website. In our evaluation of other CMS systems, we have found many of them to be over-complicated and 'overkill' when users really only want a simple portal through which to manage and edit their pages.

There are other content management packages that specialise in building portals, or blogs, or article based content, etc. Our CMS can do much of this, but does not focus on those elements only.

Jubilee CMSJubileeCMS makes managing the navigation easy - you can re-organise your pages any way you want, and navigations are automatically created from your page hierarchy. This tool makes creating numerous different navigations with the entire page hierarchy, or a subset of it 'simple'.

JubileeCMS has the following features:

All of our JubileeCMS installations include support and weekly backup of your content to a secure area for your complete peace of mind.

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