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HTML E Mailshots

Our HTML Mailshot service is fully tested across multiple browsers and mobile devices. You simply provide us with the text and images, and we do the rest. Simple.

HTML Mailshots are emails which are sent in HTML format, and appear like a mini-website in people's mailboxes.

We will create your mailshot template, and set up your mailing list and campaigns.

Your mailshot will include all the things you need to make it compliant with email law - such as return email address, unsubscribe link and subject line. That way you can be sure that your mailshot is reaching as many people as possible.

Large corporations and financial institutions use authentication to prove their emails aren't forgeries, so they don't get blocked by overly suspicious filters. We support DKIM, SenderID, SPF, and Domain Keys, so you can be sure your mailshot is reaching the maximum possible audience.

HTML E Mailshots


After sending your mailshot, we will provide you with a breakdown of a wide range of statistics - how many were sent, how many were opened, which links were clicked, who forwarded the email and many more. That way, you will know how successful your campaign is, or if you need to take a different approach.

Clients testimonials

Jubliee Computing services were extremely accommodating, efficient and helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Nicole Habgood, Walford Mill Crafts

Professional, friendly and personable service. Would highly recommend.

Ben Jones, WPA Consultants Ltd


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