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How to use Social Media tools to increase business leads.

Getting on with Social Media

Jubilee Social media Services

We believe that social media has never had such an impact on driving business to you.
We also believe it has never been so confusing.

If you are running a business full time, you may feel that there isn't the time to run a successful social media campaign. That's why we will run one for you.

The social media world has exploded over the last couple of years and small businesses dismiss the hype at their peril. A considered, reactive and proactive strategy needs to be in force to ensure that you are targeting your communication wisely and effectively so as not to waste your precious time or resources.

We can either help you with your strategy, assist with initial set up or run your social media activity for you. Either way it can be cheaper than an advert in a local newspaper to run a monthly campaign and the results will keep on growing as you engage more followers and they in turn recommend you to theirs.

Think social media is for celebrities, ad agencies or brands with deep pockets? Well think again...


In March, Facebook passed the 900 million monthly users. Almost half of the 2 billion internet users worldwide.
Source: Facebook


Twitter now has 10 million active users in the UK, meaning one in six Brits are on the site.
Source: BBC


1 in 5 couples meet online -
Social media Revolution 2011


51% of British adults now use social media sites.
Source: Ofcom


Facebook is now the top social network in 126 countries.
Source: World Map of Social Networks


The top three most popular social networks in the UK are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Source: World Map of Social Networks


1 in 10 divorces are blamed on Facebook -
Source:Social Media Revolution 2011


Women are more attracted to social media sites than men, according to recent research.
Source: University of Bath


Pinterest currently has around 10.4 million members. It is the fastest growing social media site in history.
Source: Search Engine Journal


With 41.8 million likes, Coca Cola is the most popular brand on Facebook.
Source: Pardot


LinkedIn has 161 million members worldwide. It is the most popular professional social network on the planet.
Source: LinkedIn


Over 37million people watched the darth VW Darth Vadar superbowl advert online -
Source: Social Media Revolution 2011


90% of consumers trust peer recommendations -
Source: Social Media Revolution 2011


100% of social media sites Twitter Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Pinterest cost you nothing to set up -
Source: NJS Marketing

Social Media Setup

We'll set you up on Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and get you started with images and some wordage and tweets. Initial setup fee: £280

No time for Social Media Management?

We wil run your social media accounts updating with newsworthy items alongside scheduled updates from your business on either a weekly or monthly basis that can be scaled up or down accordingly to your needs. (Ideally 2 campaigns monthly for best results).

£230 per campaign to include updates across all platforms with a minimum of 6 news items. (1 campaign monthly for min. of 3 months).

To find out more, or make an enquiry, please contact us.

Clients testimonials

Jubliee Computing services were extremely accommodating, efficient and helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Nicole Habgood, Walford Mill Crafts

Jubilee Computing exceeded our expectations with the design, development and support of our website and they continue provide first class support.

Kelly Fenech, Burngate Stonecarving Centre


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